Should We Fight Persecution?

The Ugley Vicar has, as usual, a great post HERE.

It’s about the Christian registrar who refused to register civil partnerships as a matter of religious conscience. She has lost her appeal against dismissal. John Richardson gives a thoughtful response. He ends with this:

The question which must now be asked, frankly, is whether social normalization of homosexuality can co-exist with Christian morality. Currently, the answer would appear to be that it cannot, for despite all the talk of religious ‘rights’, it is quite clear that they are trumped (in Spades) by the acceptance of society’s sexual norms. At very least, this suggests that the Ugandans might look to our experience before making any decisions regarding their own situation, for the exercise of godly compassion in our case has clearly not resulted in a more godly society.

With great respect for John Richardson, here is my question: Is his question irrelevant? If we are heading towards the time, told us in the New Testament when society will degenerate, when persecution will come, when itching years will hear only what they want to hear – if God has foretold us some of the signs of the end, do we fight it? Is this not just another sign of where sin leads – to a rejection of God’s ways? Of course we must pray – preach the gospel – declare the grace of God and the cross of Christ – but we do so knowing that soon such a message will be ridiculed, attacked, even may become illegal.

Surely this incident should not be a surprise to us – those who are discerning the sign of the times – sad, yes, but not surprising. Are we ready for it to get worse?


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