The Politics of Self…

I have been interested in, and involved with politics for a number of years, both UK and USA.

The editor of the political magazine The Nation sent an email out with the following statement:

Barack Obama’s election marked a remarkable moment in our country’s history — a milestone in America’s scarred racial landscape, a victory for the forces of decency, diversity and tolerance, and an end to eight years of destructive, swaggering unilateralism.

A year later, it’s clear we’re a ways from reshaping the prevailing order of our politics and economy. That will take more than one election. And in this winter of discontent, I could dwell on the disappointments. I am sure you have your list. At the top of mine is Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan, squandering funds needed to rebuild and renew our country.

Of course in politics you live with disagreements all the time – different ideology, method, approach etc. But this statement from a political editor smacks of what has become the politics of self… . WE have elected YOU – YOU have not done immediately what WE want – WE are disappointed in YOU.

Less than a year after taking office people are talking about disappointment – anger – frustration in Barack Obama as if Barack Obama should  have been dealing with THEIR personal beliefs for the past year. I don’t understand why Political commentators never take into account the huge gulf between things one can say as a challenger for an office, when they do not have all the information, to when they win and actually take office, dealing with the machinery, history, complexity of office. Every President and Prime Minister has had to leave SOME ideology, belief and method at the door of the Oval Office or 10 Downing Street. We should EXPECT that some of the campaign rhetoric can NEVER be turned into policy once the person has seen the reality of the situation.


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