The Mystery Of The Cross: Bringing Ancient Christian Images To life by Judith Couchman

It goes without saying that the Cross is one of history’s most iconic symbols. Its image recalls THE one event and THE one person of human history – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

But how did the image of the cross develop in the early church from a symbol of torture and deathto a sign of Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

Judith Couchman takes you on a delightful journey through Church History examining images of the cross in the early church. The book is divided into seven parts; The Cross in Pre-Christian Times; The Cross and the Suffering Savior; The Cross and the First Believers; The Cross and Early Religious Freedom; The Cross In Everyday Life; The Cross In Early Church Life and The Cross and Its Eternal Power.

Each chapter is filled with wonderful pieces of information, from the historical to the implausible yet fascinating stories of Hebrew tradition. Couchman writes in a clear, easy and flowing way that at times is so disarmingly personal as to touch your emotions. But there is much more to this book than information – there is a strong spiritual content and winsome insight. At the end of each short chapter Couchman manages to bring the subject back to the solid foundation of faith, rooting it into a real context of our life in Jesus Christ and his salvation.

There are 40  chapters in this book that makes it ideal for a Lenten Mediation. However, don’t wait until Lent to buy this book. Buy it now, read it and then re-read it slowly, and meditatively during Lent. At least that it what I am going to do!

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