Political Envy DisgracesRepublic

President Trump took part in the yearly theatre of what is known as the State of the Union last night. It is a purely theatrical event. Bold statements; visual illustrations; heart tugging stories. All Presidents do it – and unless you are a political commentator, professor or constitutional expert no-one remembers what you say at a State of the Union.

But what is remembered Рwhether it is a Democratic President or a Republican President Рis the pouting, angry, and defiant looks of the opposition party when the senators and congressman of the ruling party are giving their obligatory standing ovations. Even when the news is neutral and beneficial to the nation, they will stay seated, driven by a political envy that draws the very worst of the spoilt child out of people. It happened yesterday, it happened in Barack Obama’s SOTU address Рand it is disgraceful. And it is why this nation is in a mess. The Democrats body language communicated loud and clear that they would prefer the president to fail and thus the nation to fail before they would stand and applaud even a good initiative. That is appalling and that is why the Democrats who do this and the Republicans who do this are beyond contempt.