America’s slow slide to another civil war!

The battle which now rages between the Right and Left here in the States is heading towards a civil war – and I am not just talking ideology.

The reason WHY Trump won the election was because of the New York Times and the Washington Post. Their vitriol and anger against Trump raised up opposition that saw Trump win the White House. Not only did the country ignore these ‘great’ newspaper institutions, showing that their opinion no longer shapes the country – but the democrats lost the House as well. Literally the Democrats could not beat a man who had no political experience and questionable ethics!!

This has led to over a year of ‘incensed’ anger against Trump. Every attempt has been made to undermine the President of the United States – all because they could not believe they lost.

With Democrats and progressive supporters ditching intelligent debate and instead are now employing these tactics in opposing those on the Right, it can only cause more damage to this country. It is incredible that the left cannot see that their behavior is mobilizing opposition. A militant, aggressive left will create a militant aggressive right which will then turn very nasty. If the Left continue to demand that their agenda and their agenda alone must go forward that all other beliefs must be squashed – they will push the Right to respond – and maybe push this country into a civil war.


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