The Comic Strip that is The Washington Post

A kind and concerned friend has gifted me a years subscription to the Washington Post. It is useful for knowing what is happening in your city and local area. But I have to say, one of the things the Washington Post gives me is a good hearty giggle, and sometimes a loud raucous laugh early in the morning – and I hear from Doctors that a good laugh is great for your health!!

What I find so amusing is how Donald Trump has driven these Democrat reporters into absolute fits of rage, which has switch off all rationale ability to write co-hesively and with coherent arguments. Instead of laying out clear, policy based responses to Trump they simply display a temper tamntrum equal to any 2 year old denied a toy at Toys-r-us. These educated, experienced, skilled writers lose all sense of their craft and allow hatred and sarcasm to drip from their pens. Just this morning on the op-ed page there is a piece telling us that Trump is a Con-man and we need to wise up to Trump’s con’s. Really? Or on the Forum page a headline which reads “If he’s crazy and you know it, clap your hands.”

The Democrats and their supporters seem to forget that the way you beat Trump is in an Election. People need to know WHAT the Democrats believe not what they despise.

I firmly believe that one reason why Trump won in 2016 was because of the hatred of the media – their attacks and dismissal of Trump led people to vote for Trump because Trump said what nearly 50% of Americans believed in their heart and had wanted to say – whether you like or not.

You win elections by changing the Narrative.

The Democrats are desperately looking forward to November ‘18 because they believe they will trounce the Republicans in both houses. They may well. But if they continue to be disrespectful to the Office of the President, present NO counter policies, continue being unreasonable in Congress and refuse to acknowledge or applaud Trump for the things which he has done that ARE RIGHT and good for the country (re State of the Union and refusal to clap) – they are in danger of having another 2016 shock on their hands. I seem to remember that they were certain they wold win that election too!!


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