The Oddity that is Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

The Church of England, like the Episcopal Church has entered heresy. The acceptance of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle choice is just of many issues which has seen the Church of Thomas Cranmer abandon the scriptures and the Lord.

And this is seen by Justin Welby’s recent comment that he is baffled why so many Christians voted for Donald Trump

This is not just a problem Welby has but many in the UK show their ignorance of the US politics by asking this question. To nderstand what happened in November 2016 you have to understand two things about the American mindset to elections. 1. Voting is important to Americans. To NOT vote is not really an option. 2. For all their bluster Americans trust in their system – they trust in their constitution. And so the question should not be “How could Christians vote for Trump – the question is “There is no way they could have voted for a criminal like Hilary Clinton.” The fact that bOTH parties put forward terrible nominees was the problem. But, with that in mind, the electorate in the US believed that Trump was a better hope than Clinton.


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