Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours Edited by Robert Plummer and John Mark Terry


As well as being a tribute to Roland Allen’s excellent and lasting classic Paul’s Missionary Methods, this book brings Allen’s thesis up to date into the modern era. Each author shows how Allen’s insights gleaned from his study of the Apostle Paul (church planting; gospel centered preaching; spiritual warfare; suffering in mission; importance of the body of Christ; commitment to Christ; developing leaders etc) were not only relevant 100 years ago when Allen wrote, but just as relevant and needed today! This book brings everything into the context of the 21st century and the issues we are wrestling with in the context of mission. And what we discover is that while the culture has changed, the timeless truths which drove Paul’s missionary life are just what the Church needs to refocus on today.


This is a wonderful collection of essays. Not just informative but spiritually uplifting, exciting and energizing, especially if you are a church leader.


Highly recommended.


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