Budget Time

My wife and I took somewhat of a risk to move State to become the Minister of a small church plant last year. We have never regretted the move. However, there are certain times when the facts of where the church is and how things are going are put down very starkly – and budget time is one of those times. This morning, over pineapple, coffee and almonds the finance committee sat down to go over the numbers in order to present to the budget to the vestry and then to the church.

The Lord has blessed us mightily and today was a blessing. Including children, over this past year, we have grown 51%. Our income is up 16%. And our expenses have not gone up too much. This meant that the meeting was not about what can we cut, but what do we want to do! And at the end of the meeting we had a budget which was not just acceptable but one which made us excited.

The Lord has been good to us this year and this morning was a great encouragement. Praise him.

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