Peter Adam Quotes Hilary Mantel…

One of the privileges I have is sitting on the committee which examines those who feel God is calling to them to ministry in the Anglican Church and our Diocese as well as the committee which examines those graduating Seminary and about to be Ordained.

I have been swatting up on Anglican Theology and on the 39 Articles. In reading one book, “The Very Pure Word of God: The Book of Common Prayer As A Model Of Biblical Liturgy” by Peter Adam, a strong reformed Anglican, I was amazed to see him quote from “Wolf Hall”, Hilary Mantel’s novel on Thomas Cromwell and the Reformation period in England. Some have labeled Wolf Hall and Mantel’s follow up novel “Bring Up The Bodies” as advocating moral relativism. Yet here is the very conservative Adam quoting from her novel. He quotes this bit: They have seen their religion painted on the walls of churches, or carved in stone, but now God’s pen is poised, and he is ready to write his words in the books of their hearts.

Very interesting…


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