If you Don’t Agree – Ditch Them….

One of the accusations of those in the Episcopal Church is that those who have left are schismatics who show no tolerance for others view points.

Of course that is not true – but even more ironically, that is now what the established Episcopalians are doing with the Church of England.

Of course, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lambeth Palace have no actual ‘authority’ over the provinces of Anglicanism. But there is this ‘bond of affection’ which revolves very loosely around the use of the Book of Common Prayer, the 39 Articles the acceptance of Bishop, Priest and Deacon and attendance at the Lambeth conference held every 10 years.

The issue of marriage, and it’s re-definition to include same sex couples has been one of the issues which has divided anglicans and episcopalians. And now, the Church of ENgland has published a paper on this issue in response to Prime Minister Cameron’s belief in allowing same sex couples to marry in Churches.

The irony is the attacks which the writer(s) of this paper have come under for expressing their position. You may not like it. You may not agree, but the inability of liberal episcopalians to engage and to exercise the tolerance they themselves call others to exercise is stunning. Mark Harris, who is a liberal, but often a thoughtful and in many ways at least tries to be objective, writes a post with this as it’s title: Innies, outies, complementarity and other mind boggling foolishness about men and women.

Really? This is an approved paper by the Church of England. This was not written by 12 year olds, but by those who do understand theology, even if one disagrees with their position. To use a title such as this I think is very unfair, and a tad contemptuous and makes fun of the traditional view of marriage, as if the traditional view has been created by traditionalists, rather than stated squarely and clearly in the Holy Scriptures!!

And then another blog writes a post entitled Has the established C of E outlived its usefulness?  So here you have it. The Liberal / progressive view point is this: We, the tolerant faction of the Episcopal Church and Anglicanism, who welcome all people, suggest that you agree with us, or you will be ridiculed. And if you don’t agree with us, your view is not only invalid but has outlived it’s usefulness and so either you go or we leave! 


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