Why Rob Bell Left Mars Hill…

The Christian Post is reporting on an interview which Rob Bell did with the New Yorker about his controversial book Love Wins.

It is said explicitly what has always been known – the book cost Bell’s place at Mars Hill:

Bell told The New Yorker that the publication of his book resulted in a 3,000-person decrease in membership at Mars Hill Bible Church, which he founded in 1999.

“The book put pressure on the people around Bell, who found themselves having to defend statements they might never have heard, let alone approved,” The New Yorker writes.

“Congregants reported that friends and family members were asking why they were allowing themselves to be led by a false teacher,” the magazine continues.

Wife of the megachurch pastor, Kristen Bell, remembers staying home from service for some weeks because she could not stand the criticism her husband was receiving for his book.

“There was a cost,” Bell told The New Yorker.

 “And part of the cost was, we couldn’t keep doing what we were doing at Mars Hill,” she added.

You can read the whole article HERE


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