The Episcopal Church is Israel – Ignoring the Warnings of the Prophets Who Plead That They Turn From Their Destructive Path…

It has become clear to me now that the Episcopal Church is now just like Israel before the exile. The ‘priests’ and ‘prophets’ are doing their own thing despite the warnings from the minority. Jeremiah preached against the abuses of the religious leaders and yet the leaders not only ignored Jeremiah, but they claimed all was well and then tried to shut Jeremiah up.

No amount of rhetoric from the Presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church or those who support the liberal agenda changes the fact that the Episcopal Church is not just advocating unbiblical practices and lifestyles but claiming righteousness in their advocacy. This is tragic. They have departed from the narrow way that Jesus called all to walk and are now encouraging people to walk on the broad way to destruction. And in doing so they claim they are being Jesus centered; doing what Jesus would surely have done, accepting gay and lesbian behavior as normal. The liberals claim they uphold a Jesus centered tolerance and inclusivity for all. And yet in the very next breath they exclude conservative, biblically focused priests and bishops. You cannot claim tolerance and inclusivity and then attack those who disagree with you. You cannot claim tolerance and inclusivity and vilify a conservative diocese like South Carolina and its bishop Mark Lawrence.

The fact is scripture shows us that when ever Israel departed from the ways of God, the leadership thought they were doing fine. When ever they ignored or persecuted a prophet who called them out on their liberal, unbiblical ways, they attempted to silence and remove the prophet.

The Episcopal church has turned away from the clear teaching of the biblical to endorse and embrace that which cannot be endorsed by those who follow Christ. It is that simple.

We know what happened to Israel in the scriptures. God judged them. His judgment was aimed at drawing the people back to him and to obedience to is ways, his laws and his kingship. God will judge all who depart from his ways, he will judge in order to draw people back to him.

In the meantime, may the voices ring out loudly – may the message of the gospel and the truth of a Christ centered, biblical, Christianity which desires to follow, not change God’s ways be proclaimed even in the face of persecution, dismissal and a church leadership intent on traveling a path which leads away from the ways of the Lord.

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