John’s Gospel

We have just finished a years study in this fantastic gospel. We meet every wednesday night for about 75 mins. We began our study in October 2011 and finally completed it last week (November 13). It has been a fun journey. The Bible study began a year ago with 3 people and ended last week with some 11 people. It has been exciting!!

What is also a blessing is that I got to read a ton of commentaries cover to cover. Along side some of the standard texts which I read this past year (some for a second or third time such as Don Carson, John Gill, Leon MorrisAndreas J. Köstenberger, William Hendriksen), I read Warren Wiersbe’s two volumes on John , which were really excellent. Wiersbe is an author I have not really read before but his insight and exegetical work was great! Also, I really, really enjoyed Thomas Constable’s commentary on John. Constable, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary has produced excellent Bible commentary, which also uses lots of quotes from other commentators.

The next year is going to be taken up with Genesis 1-11. Again, alongside the standard commentaries (Gordon Wenham, John J Davis), I am really excited to get to grips with some Messianic Jewish understanding of Genesis, especially in relation to Jewish Roots Christianity. I got Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s commentary on Genesis, and already I am so enjoying it!!



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