Ashamed No More: A Pastors Journey through Sex Addiction by T C Ryan

The problem with the title of this book is that there will be people who will read it and think that the book will not apply to them. Wrong! This is far more than just a moving, heartbreaking warning about sex addiction and pornography – it is about the struggles and frustrations pastors face in the midst of their sin, any sin.

While this book looks at the cost paid by a pastor who struggled with sex addiction for decades and the unhealthy elevation of ‘sexual’ sin above all other ‘sin’, the book will challenge and remind you that all pastors, indeed all christians, struggle with something and T Ryan’s story of his struggle while married and pastoring a large and growing church, should resonate with all who read it.

A sub-theme of this book examines what the church is to do with pastors who need healing. He writes that the church needs to expect failure in her leaders and lovingly go to every length possible to help them deal with their own brokenness. All pastors are broken to some extent – pastors are not perfect people. And with regards to sex addictions one survey has said that 60% of clergy struggle with some form of compulsive sexual behavior.

The hope of this book is that God’s grace is always available. It is the great lesson that, in the midst of his struggles and pain, Ryan recognizes and grasps onto. God’s grace, God’s forgiveness, His presence can be found even in the darkest of times.

It would indeed be a mistake to pass by this book because you feel it does not relate to you. It does.

Highly Recommended.

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