Superstorm Sandy has come…But are we ready for the even bigger storm?

Living 14 miles south of Washington DC we watched the path of Sandy very carefully.

It is fascinating, being a Brit living in the States, watching people prepare for a major storm or hurricane. They become diligent in making sure that they have all the supplies they need – some buy generators – almost all batteries for flash lights – food, water, clearing the yard of any loose items, if necessary nailing boards to windows and making sure your car has gas in it.

Each year you can get a hurricane preparedness kit to help you plan for a any possible storm.

To not be prepared is regarded as stupid and irresponsible, not just by putting yourself and family in harms way but by possibly putting first responders in harms way when they try and come and rescue you!

And yet, as a Christian, I look and cannot help but  see the parallel of what is still to come. While people are diligent in their preparedness for a weather storm, the exact opposite is true with regards to people’s preparedness for the great storm to come – the coming of the King of Kings.

Sandy’s strength and size meant that the federal government ground to a halt. The President of the United States had no power to stop, divert or lessen the impact of the storm. He was frankly helpless and weak against it’s onslaught.

The same will be true when the Shofar is blown from heaven and the Lord Jesus steps into the world again as the returning king.  All the diligence and work and preparedness which was poured into riding out a weather system is one thing; and yet so many  people are being stupid and irresponsible in their preparedness for the coming of Jesus Christ. Nothing can stop it – nothing can divert it. To believe it will not happen is as dumb as refusing to leave your house that is in the direct path of a hurricane.

I guess our job as the Church is to tell people that an even greater storm than Sandy is coming – a storm so big, so universal that every single person on the face of the planet will be caught up in it. It is our job to tell people it is coming and to help them be prepared.


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