Preaching Politics From The Pulpit?

October 7th was a Sunday whereby many preachers broke the ‘rule’ of endorsing a candidate from the pulpit – and even sending the recording to the IRS. Technically, preaching politics can lose you your tax exempt status.

I have mixed feelings about this. I deliberately do not mention directly politics or political views from the pulpit. Not because a pastor’s views should be silent – if a congregation member asks you directly how will you vote I think you should respond (with discernment of course). But because it can all too easily degenerate into a nasty mess. Of course God is neither Republican or Democrat. And this particular election has, from my perspective, become quite nasty not just between the candidates, and the ads, but between people. Just recently a bus driver told a 12 year old child that maybe his mother should have aborted him, just because the family had a Romney sign in their yard.

The pulpit is about the gospel. Jesus Christ. The Saviour of the world. There is healing and reconciliation in the gospel – there is none in politics.




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