Catch Up

One of the interesting learning curves I have been on over the past year is regarding the management of time. Now pastor of a small church plant, it took a little time to re-adjust from a larger church environment with a staff and administration facilities to, well, ME only. Once settled into that things went well.

And then, more recently, another adjustment had to happen and this time it was a little more difficult. This time it was in regards to growth. Literally, over two weeks, we grew by 5 families. Not a big deal you may think – but for us it was. The children’s ┬áministry went from 4 to 12 overnight. And meeting in a school, with all the challenges that brings, meant we needed to suddenly make sure we had a nursery.

All these have been good challenges – exciting challenges. But it has also taken up time and energy – hence the silence here. But now, I am catching up. I have ‘re-adjusted’. God has been so good. So faithful. So amazing! He blesses despite our failings. He encourages us despite our unfaithfulness!