Where Would The Diocese of South Carolina Go?

The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina is in discernment. According to the scepiscopalians Bishop Mark Lawrence has returned from vacation with a vision to move the diocese forward. Of course scepiscopalian.com is saying that Bishop Mark is going to jump ship and that the plan he has is to take as many parishes with him. If Bishop Mark is about to jump ship – that is leave the Episcopal Church, where would he and the following parishes go? Rev. Steve Wood is about to be consecrated a Bishop in ACNA and thus lead the ACNA Diocese of the Carolinas, so it would appear ACNA would not be a destination. So where? A while back, in a conversation I had with a former Bishop of South Carolina, I said that Bishop Mark should petition for the Archbishop of Canterbury in order to come under his jurisdiction, even for only a temporary period. Wouldn’t that be a wild idea. Of course the Archbishop of Canterbury is very unlikely to say yes – but what if he did say yes… that would put the cat amongst the pigeons!!


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