Go and Do: Becoming A Missional Christian by Don Everts

Which would you prefer to be? A safe Christian? A happy Christian? A successful christian? Don Everts opts for none of them. He wants to be a missional christian!

Go and Do: Becoming a Missional Christian is based on Jesus’ words to Go and do likewise, which ended the parable of the Good Samaritan. But what does it mean to go and do likewise? This is Everts goal – to put practical and theological flesh to this phrase.

The thing we must remember, and it is something I hold to wholeheartedly, is that Jesus has called us – every christian – to participate in God’s mission to the world. Therefore the issue for each of us is to discover how we are called to do this in our own context.

What a missional christian looks like is the focus of part one. He mentions five areas that should be indicative in the ‘anatomy’ of a missional christian – seeing a world in need; being a servant; willing to go; compassion and deep, inward joy.

And the outworking of such an anatomy? Where does such gifts find their outlet? Wherever you are; that is the place you live, work, play and exist. This is the focus of part two – Geography. The misnomer of the term ‘missional christian’ has assumed one who travels to another culture or country. Not so for Everts. It is where you are – the here and now. In fact, for Everts, there is no real difference in being a disciple and being missional.

This is a timely and needed call to the church to enter into the purposes of God. Everts writes in a clear, honest and compelling way on a topic I believe the church needs to get a grip on. I said at the being of this review, what would you prefer to be? A safe, happy or successful christian? The irony is that only by entering into the call to be a missional christian will we be ‘safe’ ‘happy’ and ‘successful.’


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