The Mistake of Replacement Theology

Replacement theology – the idea that the contemporary Christian church has replaced the Jewish nation in God’s covenants – is causing damage to the message of the Gospel around the world, according to the author of a popular book about the relationship between Christians and Jews.

Such beliefs could bring about the literal destruction of the Jewish nation, he contends.

Pastor Victor Styrsky, author of “Honest to God-Christian Zionists Confront 10 Questions Jews Need Answered,” was interviewed by WND while attending the Christians United for Israel seventh annual national summit in Washington, D.C., for whom he serves as eastern regional coordinator.

Styrsky told WND that replacement theology – based on the presumption that when Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah, God then rejected the Jewish nation with whom he had covenanted for generations – is dangerously prevalent across many segments of the contemporary Christian church.

He estimated fully half of Christian organizations hold such beliefs.

“When you do that and don’t see the Jews as beloved of God, and don’t see God as a promise-maker and a promise-keeper, then Israel occupies [the land], and they are not inheritors.”

Read the whole article HERE


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