Episcopal Church Is Apostate

It is a sad day when an entire denomination becomes apostate in it’s leadership. That is what has happened with the Episcopal Church and the passing of the resolution for allowing the blessing of Same Sex Unions.

While the historic foundation of the Anglican / Episcopal Church, in writing, remains the Scriptures, 39 Articles and the Prayer Book, in reality the Episcopal Church has discarded everyone of these in order to embrace an unbiblical and unethical inclusivity.

I was reading Francis Schaeffer today and he nails the issue of the Episcopal Church:

“If our own young people within the churches and those of the world outside see us playing with the methodology of synthesis, in our teaching and evangelism, in our policies and institutions, we can never expect to take advantage of this unique moment of opportunity presented by the death of romanticism. If we let go of our sense of antithesis, we will have nothing left to say. Moreover, not only will we have nothing to say, we become nothing.”

The Episcopal Church has become nothing.


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