Protégé: Developing Your Next Generation of Church Leaders by Steve Saccone

Leadership development. Ministry training. we have more resources than at any other time in history – more training material, more seminaries, more courses than ever before.

Yet for Saccone, the most effective way to train future leaders is one which has been used for centuries – being in a close, one to one, mentoring relationship engaging in real life situations. This is not just a matter of a few hours a week engagement – but close, day to day, hour to hour interaction. Saccone acknowledges that many have ministered without ever having a mentor – but Saccone would argue that the lack of a close mentor means that there are depths and nuances of a person that will never mature or become fully actualized without having a mentor.

Saccone gives a call to leaders to take up the challenge to be mentors and coaches to the countless proteges around them. Today, we think and expect that 3 years of academic seminary prepares people for the ministry – of course it does not. but what kind of church would we have today if leaders stepped up and were willing to engage in taking a protege under their wing – to train, to mentor, to model and invest into the future leaders.

This is a needed book today.


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