Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults: Life-Giving Rhythms for Spiritual Transformation by Richard R. Dunn

The church lacks 20 year olds. They need 20 plus year olds. It is the most desired age to reach and yet it is the hardest age to reach. In the introduction, the authors affirm 5 distinguishing features that characterize post adolescence:

1. it is the age of identity exploration
2. it is the age of instability
3. It is the most self-focused age of life.
4. It is the age of feeling in-between, in transition.
5. It is the age of possibilities, when hope flourishes, when people have an unparalleled opportunity to transform their lives.

These 5 points are what stirred the authors to consider what can be done in this generation to empower, equip and energize them to reach their God designed potential for spiritual transformation.

Dunn and Sundene attempt to transfer their passion to reach emerging adults to the reader. Their thesis is that reaching such people is rooted in a willingness from Christians, leaders and lay, to invest intentionally, to get involved, to reach out and be willing to enter into the life in an emerging adult. It is effectively a call to the church to be involved with mentoring 20 plus young people.

Of course, the word ‘invest’ is important. It requires time, energy and availability.

Dunn and Sundene ask are we willing? If the church is to grow – it must!


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