Republicans Show Disdain and Disrespect for American Democracy

I have watched the Health Care battle here in Washington with interest. It had really been assumed that Obama’s health care bill was going to either be radically reshaped or rejected by the Supreme Court. Nobody really thought that the Supreme Court would let the Health Care bill stand with relatively little adjustment. Of course the ‘reason’ for the bill to stand may be problematic for Obama – Chief Justice Roberts decision that the Bill is in fact a tax, and thus constitutional may prove to be a bitter pill for the Obama re-election campaign to deal with.

However, what I found remarkable is the disdain that many Republicans have shown towards their own democratic system. Their attack upon Roberts and the decision is disgraceful. Now, I am not necessarily a defender of ‘Obamacare’ – and of course the Republicans can try and get rid of this legislation through the appropriate political avenues (although Romney’s cry that he would repeal this law is somewhat hollow – as he would need a clear majority in the Senate and that is not a guarantee), but to rail into Roberts and attack the process is not on. Just because they lost! Just because they expected Roberts to be on their side. And yet Roberts has shown neutrality, which he must as a Chief Justice.

So – Republicans – accept the the Supreme Court verdict and start the battle politically, and stop crying like spoilt little boys!!


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