Of Course, Nature Declares Homosexuality as Unnatural!

The Episcopal Church will be debating and voting on including a liturgy for same sex partnership / marriage services. There is a lot of traffic on this issue on the blogs – not least since the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, rightly, published a letter by the Standing Committee declaring it’s opposition to this move and that they cannot follow the General Convention and the Episcopal Church down this road.

In a discussion I was having on this topic with a journalist friend of mine recently, my friend said something which is very obvious and yet I had not heard – or at least consciously heard. He said that the whole argument about whether homosexuality is ‘natural’ was ridiculous. Nature itself declares homosexuality as unnatural because every single gay person is born through a heterosexual act or process (egg = sperm = embryo – whether sex, or a test tube) – hence homosexuality is declared unnatural by nature itself. Yes, a simple argument – very unoriginal, but quite effective I feel.


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