This Is Indicative of Many Clergy’s Rejection of God’s Ways and Truth

Giles Fraser is an ordained member of the Church of England and a former dean of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. He is also an influential writer. His recent article in the Guardian Newspaper shows exactly how distant clergy like Giles Fraser are from God and his ways. The Church of England says it is against gay marriage. Not in my name is Fraser’s rant against the fact that the Church of England has come out against gay marriage. He is ‘spitting blood’ over this – furious that the Church of England has claimed not to be homophobic. Fraser’s anger and disgust shows the intolerance he has towards others who hold a traditional viewpoint and wish to continue in the the traditional teachings of the Church and the problem the Anglican Church is facing. People like Fraser are screaming CIVIL RIGHTS violations against that which is clearly not allowed in the Bible – and then demanding that everyone MUST agree with his position or be seen as bigots and homophobes.

Of course Fraser will discount all the arguments of the Old Testament and New Testament against gay relationships – and many liberals discount the Old Testament as irrelevant citing the ‘unreasonable’ violence and antiquated laws which should not apply today. This is one of the biggest indicators of their incredible lack of understanding or scholarship of the Bible and Old Testament. Moses speaks of Christ – the sacrificial system speaks of CHrist and the Law speaks and point to Christ. ALL the law in the Old Testament comes from the mouth of our loving, righteous, holy heavenly Father. To discount the Law of the OT is to discount everything about God – and so to dismiss the passages of Holy Scripture which speak out against gay relationships is a dangerous thing to do.

William Webb has written a fabulous book called Slaves, Women and Homosexuals. He shows that the Bible clearly has a redemptive movement towards Slaves and women (i.e. slaves and women are to be treated better under the law than any other ancient nation would allow) – but that NEVER happens with homosexuality – it is always condemned and there is no redemptive movement in scripture towards its acceptance.

This does not mean God hates homosexuals. Of course not. He loves them and desires that they be in full relationship with Him. But the fact is God does not allow homosexuality to be a good or righteous lifestyle choice, just as as God does not allow promiscuity among heterosexuals to be a good or righteous lifestyle choice.

But to say that gay people can be married in the way that God ordained marriage is not just wrong – but impossible. Marriage CAN ONLY be between a man and a woman. And to advocate not just a civil move towards same sex marriage but to demand that christian churches HAVE to marry gay people and thus violate God’s words is something that for many christian leaders and clergy just won’t happen. And when even Anglican clerics move away from this fundamental biblical truth and yet claim to be leaders in the church we have a massive problem. Although it is a problem that even Jesus encountered when he faced the Pharisees and the Scribes and their perversion of the law of God to suit their own beliefs and desires.


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