The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in Our Fine Tuned World by Karl Giberson

Karl Giberson has really written two books here. The first, which is the first half of this book, is a wonderful overview of science and some of the great scientists of history. Giberson looks at the major discoveries, the evolution of understanding about our world, the universe and space; the smallness of earth in comparison to the vastness of space and much more. Giberson’s overview is extremely well written both in terms of content and information.

The second half of the book looks at the argument of design in the universe. Giberson does this very well. He is both a scientist and a Christian but he does not make exaggerated claims either way but seeks to navigate a very sensible, logical process. He writes “I have tried in this book to be cautious but not timid in drawing connections between the wonder of the world and belief in God. I don’t think the profound character of mathematics proves that God exists. But I do think it makes belief in a reality that transcends the physical world entirely reasonable and, I would argue, necessary.”

Giberson is not a theologian trying to find a theology – but a scientist who obviously loves science and the process of discovering information, looking at the process of science through the lens of a believer in God.

I have a non-existent background in science – but I found this book more than just readable, but enjoyable as well as informative.



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