Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes: Cultural Studies in 1 Corinthians by Kenneth Bailey

There are some authors whom you should quite simply read everything they have ever written. Kenneth Bailey is one such author, He is a superb scholar who writes beyond the normal genre of many christian scholars.

This book, Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes is quite stunning. Although Bailey examines 1 Corinthians, this is not a normal commentary – which Bailey himself says in his introduction. Bailey is aiming once again to explore depths not explored by the traditional commentaries. Bailey seeks to uncover the rhetorical method used by Paul in this epistle. Unlike other scholars, Bailey sees 1 Corinthians as a carefully crafted response to issues not just for the Corinthians, but for the whole Church. For Bailey, Paul wrote this letter based around 5 essays, (The Cross and Christian Unity, Men and Women in the human family, Food offered to idols, Men and women in worship & The Resurrection). Each essay is also carefully constructed. Using all his skills and relying on middle eastern writing techniques and metaphorical language Paul sets the agenda of this letter both for the church in Corinth and the wider church. In this book Bailey unpacks HOW Paul does this – and in the midst of this comes a huge amount of information and wonderful insights.

Here you have decades of study, contemplation and understanding coming together in this volume.

This is not a book you pick up from you night stand 20 mins before planning to sleep. This is a book you plan to carve out 40 mins each time, with a pen and paper and sitting down to mine some real gems. Time extremely well spent!

Very Highly Recommended.


One thought on “Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes: Cultural Studies in 1 Corinthians by Kenneth Bailey

  1. Just finished reading it for a class I am about to take with Ken Bailey next week. Really enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the class!

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