Introducing Early Christianity by Laurie Guy

I am a big advocate of Christians reading the Church Fathers. These early Christians living in the aftermath of the Apostles and working through Church practice, theology, discipleship and christian witness are an important source for us. Sadly too few Christians take the time to read the ‘Fathers’ or to look seriously into the beginnings of the church. Admittedly the combined works of the ‘Fathers’ at 30 plus volumes can be somewhat daunting. This is why Laurie Guy’s work is so good. As an introduction to BOTH the early Church and it’s practices, and the writings of the early church fathers this book is an excellent resource. At 300 plus pages Guy manages to cover all the major bases of the early church in an engaging and fascinating way. Covering the first 500 years of the church you will be informed, challenged and even surprised. And most importantly you will understand the context of how some of the major traditions in the church developed.

An excellent work, and one which should be used by all christians.

Highly Recommended.

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