Spirituality According To Paul: Imitating The Apostle Of Christ by Rodney Reeves

I like Rodney Reeves. Not that I have met him. But as I read this book I knew that if I were to meet him I would like him.  Reeves writes in such a way that you feel at home with him. I just thoroughly enjoyed the way he writes. This is not a frivolous book. Yet he approaches Paul and his spirituality in a winsome, at times fun, often down to earth way while retaining deep and frequent challenging applications for you to chew on – and chew on you will (such as Paul’s view of tithing and how a Church should  be generous). Some books on Paul can be ‘painfully’ heavy to read. This is such a joy to read that even when you are blind sided by one of the many, many, many powerful and potentially life changing, practical insights, it doesn’t hurt!!

All frivolity aside, this is a tremendous book and a valuable one for the church as a whole. With all the ‘controversy’ over Pauline thinking and theology over the past few years this is a breath of fresh air.

Highly recommended!


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