Court Rules in Favor of Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

The judge reviewing the case between the Diocese of Virginia and the six churches seeking to leave has ruled in favor of the Diocese of Virginia. In short – the six churches (or at least the people) must vacate the property if they wish to leave the Episcopal Diocese.

Another loss. Apart from South Carolina, all Churches who have sought to leave an Episcopal Diocese have been ruled against in the courts and thus have lost their property. This has caused consternation amongst those who believe the Episcopal Church has gone into heresy. Now, I too think the Episcopal Church (i.e. it’s leadership) has left biblical Christianity. But sadly, those seeking to remain biblical and Anglican have become obsessed with property.

One comment on a blog says: For whatever reason, in his inscrutable providence, God Almighty has sovereignly allowed this major setback to happen.

A major set back? Really? Maybe in God’s Sovereignty he is allowing the churches to lose so that they may be set from the the bondage and restrictions (and at times idolatry) that buildings bring. Jesus’ disciples leaving temple, and commenting on how remarkable and stunning the temples was, receive from Jesus the response that “not one brick / stone will be left on another.” The Samaritan woman at the well is told by Jesus that it will not matter where you worship – as long as it is in spirit and truth.

Move, rejoice in the Lord. Worship and do the work of Christ, leaving the Episcopal Church in the hands and judgment of God.


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