Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case For Biblical Truth by Douglas Groothuis

There are a plethora of books on apologetics – just type Christian Apologetics into Amazon and you get over 8000 results! It can be hard to make a distinction between many of the works, both in content and style. Not so with Douglas Groothuis’ contribution. At over 670 pages Groothuis does not attempt to pack too much into this volume – only 26 chapters – but what what he does focus on makes this a wonderfully concise book on Christian Apologetics. Laid out in three parts, you are taken through the biblical basis of apologetics and christian worldview; the distortions which have been made again the Christian worldview and why truth matters. Part two takes you through the defenses of Christian theism while part three tackles the objections of Christian theism. This is an easy book to read in terms of following Groothuis’ thesis and discussions. It is also a thoroughly biblical and, most importantly, Christ centered book. Probably the smallest chapter in the book, the conclusion, reveals Groothuis’ real heart – Take To The Streets – Apologetics is not about head knowledge, but about evangelism and sharing the gospel. This is what makes Groothuis’ book not just a worthy addition to the topic of Christian Apologetics, but one which should be used widely.

Highly recommended.


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