Gen 12:4: Now Abram was 75 years old when he departed from Haran.

Abram is 75 years old when God calls him. Moses is 80 years old when God calls him. Both lived many years after, but still, alot of life had gone before God said, “Now, I am going to use you.” We live in an age whereby if you are successful by 2nd grade, your never going to be. Children can even fail kindergarten! How ridiculous. It’s never too late for the Lord to do an amazing work in and through us. As believers we must never think God has passed us by because of our age. Nor should we be impatient for God to ‘use’ us – maybe the timing is not right – maybe we need a few more experiences before we are ready. Our life is in God’s hands and he will use us when His timing is right and when we are ready. How would we feel if God said “your entire life purpose will be fulfilled by one action / meeting / sermon / at the age of 81 years old. That is why I created you and placed you here.” Would we rejoice knowing that our entire life was a preparation for one incident that God had determined in his eternal plan? Or would we think “what a waste”?

I do not want to enter into the world of ‘achievement’. I do not want to enter into the thinking that “I am getting on in years and what have I achieved?” I want to be content that God’s purpose for my life is in HIS hands and so whether he will use me for 50 years, or 50 mins; whether from the age of 24 or 84. I want to rejoice and praise Him and most of all to be ready to move and leave as soon as He calls, regardless of age, or destination; whether it is dangerous, or hard.

Father, thank you that you do not discriminate because of age but that in your perfect timing you can use us for your purposes. I pray that I would NEVER think that life has passed me by but that I would always be ready to hear your call and most importantly, to act on it. I pray this in the name of our Lord Jesus CHrist. AMEN!!


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