From My Morning Devotions

Genesis 11:4 says, Then they said, “Come, let’s build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens 10  so that 11  we may make a name for ourselves.

They built to defy God. These did it deliberately, but we often do it subconsciously. We so often build to make a name for ourselves; even in Christian ministry! We build big churches, and impressive ministries just to make a name for ourselves. Of course, we would always justify it – it is the Lord’s work! But what is our motive? Why do we ‘build’? Do we have an over valued sense of our own ability? The people at Babel believed their work, their tower could reach heaven – could be the place of ultimate worship. They could do it; they could achieve it; they could build it; they; they; they. Do we believe WE can do it; WE can achieve it; WE can build it; is it for us WE;WE;WE?

The result is that God scattered them. He broke it up. And God does that today. He breaks up that which is built so that we may make a name for ourselves.

Am I doing what I am doing to make a name for myself? Am I building what I am building in order have an impressive tower that everybody knew I had built? Is my ministry a vehicle for my own success and advancement or Christ’s? The two are incompatible – I build FOR Christ and for His Kingdom, or it will be scattered. My heart must be to make a name for CHrist, not myself.

Father, may all I do in this ministry, be for you and for your name only, and not for me and my name. And Father, where I have built in the past for my own name, I pray you would scatter it. In JESUS’NAME! AMEN.


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