1 Corinthians 2:10-14 – “….explaining spiritual things to spiritual people.”

One of the things which I have always felt was lacking in many Vestry/Leadership/Eldership Meetings was an element of prayer and devotions. Of course such meetings begin with prayer, but in my experience it is usually a prayer which takes barely 2, 3 mins to say. I have always thought that such meetings should begin with a period of prayer – waiting upon God and then a time of spiritual teaching / devotional to focus those present into a mindset that we gather to do God’s work, not our own. Such a time allows the past day, it’s pressures and worries, to melt into the background, as well as to allow for a mindset change. We must not bring the board room, or the business world into a spiritual meeting, and there has to be time to allow for that change.

When I arrived at my new fellowship as Pastor I was delighted to find that each vestry meeting began with a devotional – done wonderfully by the Senior Warden. Last night at vestry I talked about how, if we want to be doing the work of God and being led by the Spirit, we needed to be spiritual people – and that meant being people of prayer and the word of God. In that vain I gave each member of the Vestry a Journal, with a Bible reading Plan and an outline of Spiritual Journaling. I took this idea from Wayne Cordeiro, who developed the Life Journal. I am using a different reading plan than the life journal and so I simply bought some blank journals and inserted the reading plan, along with directions and a sample journal entry. I did encourage the Vestry to follow the Wayne Corediro’s SOAP method – Scripture – Observation – Application – Prayer. Now, this is not meant to be law, only a guide. It can be adapted and used as each vestry member wishes. The point is that we start seeking God and his spirit as individuals, as a leadership and as a church. And then we will know God guiding us very powerfully in what we do.


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