The Need For A Mentor…

Moving States can be tough. My family and I moved to a different State in September as I took the Pastorship of a church. We left behind friends, which made us sad. A number of months before we moved I started attending the Bible Study of one of the Pastors who I served with on the Ministerial Association. Both his Bible Studies, and his preaching (which I listened to online) quite simply fed, restored, encouraged and blessed me on a very deep level. He is one of the best preachers I have heard and one of the most spirit filled pastors I know. When we knew that we would be moving I asked if his church would be our ‘sending’ church, and if he could be a mentor / spiritual advisor for me. He accepted. The books he has recommended to me have been wonderful and the encouragement he has given me has been spot on. We all need a mentor – no matter what stage of life we are at or how experienced we may feel we are. I thank God for this man and his wife and his church. They spoke wisdom into our lives when we needed it. And they lifted us up when we needed it. And they spoke truth into our lives when we needed it.

As we start a new ministry / calling here in our new church, things are going well. Some of the ideas, thoughts, practices and teachings which I was not able to implement in my previous church are just fitting so well here. I am once again enjoying ministry and excited at the leading of the Spirit. All of which is by no small measure the result of the ministry of this pastor who has encouraged me. PRAISE GOD!!!


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