12 Things A Leader Simply Cannot Do..

…And it is sad when leaders DO some or all of these things – as I have all too often seen.

This is from the Christian Post, Perry Noble.

#5 – You Cannot Fall In Love With The Way Things Are (if you do then the word “change” will become a bad word!)

#6 – You Cannot Compromise Your Integrity–EVER!

#7 – You Cannot Believe That You Always Have The Best Ideas And The People You Are Working With Would Not Be Able To Function Without You.

#8 – You Cannot Hold Back From Speaking The Truth In Love Because It May Hurt Someone’s Feelings.

#9 – You Cannot Stop Learning, Growing & Developing.

#12 – You Cannot Lead Through Manipulation & Intimidation And Expect To Have Long Term Impact And Significance


2 thoughts on “12 Things A Leader Simply Cannot Do..

  1. I had the privilege and honor to have studied under Fr. Andy Morgan for a number of months as a Diaconate student in the Diocese of South Carolina. His compassion for Christ and the knowledge he shared are quite commendable and an example for us all- Thank you Fr. Andy- God bless you in all your service to Our Lord


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