God In A Brothel: An Undercover Journey Into Sex Trafficking And Rescue by Daniel Walker

Daniel Walker’s account of his undercover journey into the world of sex trafficking is very powerful. Here is a man committed to trying to make an impact into this incredibly degrading and harmful industry. His story is moving on so many levels – the stories he tells of the young women; the struggles and conflicts he faced while undercover and trying to free them; the burden he carried for those he could not help; and the temptations which he faced and the boundaries he crossed.

You will cry, and you will be moved. You will feel anger and frustration as you read. You will feel immense sadness at the cost Daniel pays at the end of the book. But for me, the feeling i came away with is one of confusion and some shame. With a global church consisting of billions of Christians and resources in the trillions, why are people like Daniel Walker fighting this fight, and battling this battle seemingly on their own. I know there are many involved with the fight – but there should be more. Sex trafficking is lucrative because there are people who want to pay for the sex. The whole Church needs to be aware of what is going on and the whole Church needs to be involved, in varying levels, in fighting this fight and ending this practice.

Highly recommended!


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