Change Can Happen For You – A Devotional

The devotionals I am sharing on this blog come from The Word For You Today .

Here are two life changing principles: 1. You must be willing to change unconditionally. In the early stages of therapy counselors bump into the ‘change – if’ syndrome. The client sees change as a strategy of give-to-get” “I’ll change if they are willing to do… if not, I won’t.” With God, your reward for changing is intrinsic. You get the joy of his approval, plus all the benefits that follow from being a changed person. This includes God’s gift of ‘slave to put on your eyes, so you can see.’ (Rev 3:18). The ability to see things clearly will enable you to understand the problem and deal with it effectively, regardless of what someone else does or doesn’t do. 2. You must accept the truth that change means letting go of the past. Whatever you cling to ultimately controls you. If the offense resulted from your actions, or the loss from your poor judgment, confess it to God, receive forgiveness and leave it at the cross. If it was the other person’s fault but you’ve held onto it because you think you’re the innocent party and ‘deserve your pound of flesh’ the freedom you forfeit and the options you miss are too high a price for the false comfort of being right. ‘Forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you’ (Eph 4:32) will release you from the chains of resentment and give you back your future. If you’re bound by chains of regret over ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ God stands ready to make your future better than your past could ever have been (Joel 2:25).


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