Ancient Christian Devotional: A Year of Weekly Readings – Lectionary Cycle B


I really like this series of Ancient Christian Devotional. Based on the Anglican three year liturgical cycle (years A-C) and using the revised common lectionary, these books give you a wonderful introduction to 1. A rhythm of prayer; 2. The Church fathers.


This is a great devotional tool, and it can be tackled in a number of ways. Each weeks readings are based on the Revised Common lectionary for that Sunday. Beginning with a theme and opening prayer, you then have a number of passages from the Church fathers relating to the Old Testament reading, Psalm, Epistle and Gospel readings. Then there is a closing prayer. You can use it once a week as an extended time of prayer before the Sunday worship, or you can take a few of the readings each day throughout the week.


To read the passage of scripture in the Bible and then read the comment by the church fathers is both a useful and edifying experience. Whether you want some structure to your daily prayer life, or you want an introduction to the Church Fathers and what they said, I really like, and would recommend this series.



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