Another Awesome Devotional…

Three things describe Christ’s relationship with His Father: intimacy, dependency and obedience. Today let’s look at his dependency on God. “The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do; for whatever the He does, the Son also does in like manner” (NKJV). Jesus knew he couldn’t do anything without his Father, so He didn’t bother to try. We, on the other hand, sing, ‘Without Him I can do nothing’, then go out and act like it depended on us. If we succeed, we often become so conceited that nobody can stand against us. And if we fail, it’s usually because we collapsed under the weight of an assignment God didn’t give us in the first place. Have you ever wondered by Jesus never struggled with insecurity or battled the fear of failure like we do? Because it never even occurred to him that he couldn’t do something that his Father had already assured him He could do. When you know you have heard from God you can face any obstacle or enemy with confidence. God will never give you an assignment that does not require His wisdom and under girding strength. Indeed every act of God in your life is designed to increase not decrease your dependence on Him. You say, ‘But I have talent. I can do a lot of things!’ Yes, but you can do nothing that matters in God’s eyes. So before you begin your day, kneel and pray ‘Lord, I’m counting on You, and I don’t have a back up plan!’

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