Tithing and the First Fruits

I have been reading one of the best books on tithing that I ever read. I have not heard this teaching with so much clarity before. the book is called The Blessed Life by Robert Morris. Most of the guys I know would not pick this book up. But they should. It actually is very good and it is the ONLY book on tithing which has had an impact on me. Morris talks of the biblical principle of first fruits – that is every thing that is first, the first part of the harvest, the first born animals and the first born humans are dedicated to the Lord. That was the point of the Levites. And if your first fruits in your animals was a clean animal it had to be sacrificed. If it was an unclean animal (a donkey) you had to offer a sacrifice. We have lost the first fruits principle in too many churches…

I believe there is a difference between tithing and giving. I believe that tithing is simply returning to God that which He has said is His. Giving our firstfruits, our first 10 percent to the Lord via a local church, is what causes that which is ours to be blessed. You can’t give that which doesn’t really belong to you. The firstfruits are the Lord’s. The rest is yours to keep or give as you choose. It is from this account that you give what the Bible often refers to as offerings. Tithing isn’t really giving-it’s returning. It is bringing back to the Lord what is already His.


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