England riots: Broken society is top priority – Cameron

This is the BBC headline today. what astounds me is that the British PM has just realized this. Having not lived in the UK for the past 6 years I am somewhat removed but I could have told Cameron back in 2005 that British Society was broken. It has been broken, and to some extent lawless for quite a while. Just go visit some of the housing estates around the country. We lived on one. Police were a rare sight and youths did as they pleased with little or no opposition. The public in many areas have been held hostage in their homes after dark because of young people and the threat of violence. And Cameron has only just realized? More probably, he has only just realized that he needs to do something about it because the riots showed that Britain is on a cusp of possible public disorder never seen before.


One thought on “England riots: Broken society is top priority – Cameron

  1. I couldn’t agree more! We need to return to family values and all that encompases BUT in our politically correct atmosphere it is a death wish for a politician to say one way of life is better than another. In all fairness Cameron has come as close as he dare to lauding the family.

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