The Making of the New Testament: Origin, Collection, Text & Canon by Arthur Patzia

Have you ever been asked by someone “How did the New Testament get put together?” or “how did they choose the books for the New Testament?” What would you say if someone did ask you? While such questions can be red herrings, for some people the origin and process of HOW the New Testament came together and when it was regarded as ‘scripture’ or God’s word, is very important. Sadly, many Christians either do not know HOW the books of the New Testament came together, or what they do know is incorrect. It is vital for Christians to know and understand how this process happened, not just in order to answer questions, or to tackle the increasing attacks upon the reliability of the New Testament, but more importantly, so that our faith can be strong in knowing the New Testament as God’s word.

Arthur Patzia has done a wonderful job in “The Making Of The New Testament’. Despite being a reasonable 280 plus pages, he has packed a lot information into this book, covering everything from the making of the Gospels to what they used to write with, and what they wrote on!

While this does have the feel of a theological ‘text book’, don’t let that put you off. This book is for both the theological student and the Church layperson. It provides you with a wealth of information and understanding about the practical aspect of the gathering of the New Testament and it will be both interesting and immensely beneficial to read. A perfect introductory text!

Highly recommended.


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