Problems In Ministry

One of the battles which I think a Minister / Pastor has to constantly fight is that of busyness. Too easily can our schedules and life can become overwhelmed with things which we think are important but that actually push out the truly important things like family time, rest, perspective and sleep.

Busyness is not a badge of honor. I have even heard people say “oh, ask him to speak – he must be good – he is really busy!” This is not healthy, neither for us,  for those we serve and for our relationship with God.

Two recent articles (well actually one is a blog post) have reinforced this. Check out David Murray’s intensely personal, but wise post HERE. David feels that God has been on his case for a while about slowing down. In that post David refers to another article called The Danger of “Fruitfulness” Without Purity by Michael Oh.

Ministers, please, read, mark and learn!

A Perfectionist?

Doug Wilson, in an article on Time Management wrote these wise words:

Perfectionism paralyzes. Chesterton once wonderfully observed that anything worth doing is worth doing badly. The sign of a fruitful worker is that he understands the critical difference between “that won’t cut it” and “that is just fine.”

If only some perfectionists would just listen to that!