Yes, Thank you Carl Trueman…

Carl Trueman has a wonderful article on Conferences and the super apostle mentality that such conferences can foster. Trueman does not expect his thoughts to be taken on board, but they should be. IF YOU RUN A CONFERENCE, PLEASE READ AND THEN TAKE ON HIS SUGGESTIONS. Let’s hope and pray that some are listening to this! Here are some snipets…

The key problem for conferences in the USA is that of 1 Corinthians, i.e., superapostles.  American culture is obsessed with celebrity and we need to be aware that the American church is thus likely to be very susceptible to this….

First, market conferences on the basis of content not speakers.  Send a clear signal – from the design of the webpage to the wording of the fliers – that it is what is to be said, not who is saying it, that is important.   Indeed, maybe one could be really radical: do not even let people know who is speaking; just tell them the titles of the talks….

Second, why always bring in the unrepresentative guys from the huge churches?  Instead, bring in at least 50% of your speakers from churches of, say, 300 people or less.  They do, after all, represent the majority of churches in the country….

Third, do everything you can to make the speakers just people in the crowd.  No special seats for them, no special dining arrangements.  Just let them melt back into the masses once they have spoken…

Read the whole article HERE


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