Ten people killed in the Afghan city of Kandahar in reaction to the burning of a Koran in the US

This website says this about the killings of UN people in Kandahar:

As predicted… what has been almost entirely lost in the discussion is the fact that Muslims have the free will to restrain themselves when offended, if they so choose.

For which other group would such behavior be accepted as normal, as a logical and inevitable response? Fill in the blanks. Mix and match as you like. “__________ go on rampage after two preachers of the __________ faith burn their holy book, the __________, 20 dead.”

Muslims ought to be insulted at the low expectations for them, and embarrassed by their co-religionists who are also burning utterly, completely, obviously unaffiliated churches in Pakistan over Jones’ and Sapp’s burning of the Qur’an. But of course, they’re getting the better part of that double standard.


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