Luke: The Gospel of Amazement by Michael Card

I would not have expected a book like this from Michael Card. In my narrow and small minded way I would have thought that any book on a book of a Bible from a Christian musician / worship leader would be short and, well, somewhat shallow. So this book really did amaze me. It is weighty (268 pages) but not dense book on the gospel of Luke. It is very well written; winsome, insightful and spiritually deep without being technical. The preface makes it clear that this is written for the lay person. The introduction and major theme’s sections are excellently done. While I would not call it a commentary because of the image one might associate with that word, this is as good and as useful as many commentaries out there. The layout of the book makes this a delight for devotional reading. You have a passage from Luke and then the comment from Michael. Some times you could take two or three sections, other times one would be enough to chew over and meditate on.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is starting a study in Luke or who is looking for a deep, devotional experience of this Gospel.

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