The NookColor & The Latest Generation 6″ Kindle

I have used a Kindle for over a year now, but in December I received a NookColor. So I began to put some books on the Nook to see how it handles and to compare the two. I am a big Kindle fan so my comments by be a tad biased.

The first noticeable issue is that the NookColor is significantly heavier and so not as nimble and easy to carry as the lightweight Kindle. It is half way between being an e-reader and a small ‘tablet.’ The NookColor can surf the net and you can look at websites, blogs and do email fairly easily. It’s color is good and it is a fun machine. Of course it is not e-ink but color, which will mean that the ‘eyes’ will suffer after lengthy periods of reading. You navigate the Nook by touch-screen. The fact that the Nook is half way between an e-reader and a ‘tablet’ / ipad is its weakness I think.

Although I do use the Nook to read and I enjoy using it, it won’t be my prime e-reader for a number of reasons:

1. Kindle is faster in terms of download and navigation. A few times I had problems Downloading things onto the nook.
2. There are far more books available for Christians at Amazon – although the nook has a few surprises – such as Alister McGrath’s Christian Theology book which is available in NookColor but not in Kindle
3. Amazon are far more efficient in terms of billing. The Nook Color seems to take days to show up in the bank account.
4. Kindle customer services are great. Nook did not even return an email I had about the Nook.
5. There are no UK newspapers subscribed to the Nook – and that, for me is HUGE!